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  • Published on 18 Mar 2015

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    "Dana I love your articles! The topics you address are always completely relevant to where I am in my business development. Your insight and suggestions are really helpful. Thank you for giving so much back!!!" - Kim B. (St. Louis, MO)

  • An Essential and Affordable Way To Reach New Clients

    Helpful advertising tips for Pilates business guru Dana Auriemma

    Published on 4 Jun 2014

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  • Improving your Pilates practice with this fab show of Pilates teaser!  

    Published on 31 May 2014

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  • Published on 8 Apr 2014

    Why and how instructors should promote studio services in a way that is natural...AND benefits the clients, the studio, and the instructors

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  • Published on 1 Mar 2012

    Squat exercise, anatomy analysis Amit Gal Alon

  • Streamed live on 27 Jan 2014 All about movement Stability, Sport and Performance Movement Google+ interview with the awesome Joanne Elphinston by Perry Nickelston

  • I am loving this one!  

    Published on 21 Jan 2014

    Visit Our Website Here :… Visit Us on Facebook :… Concept: Arne Felix Magold – Tricksal Performance: Jean-Claude Nelson Music: Copyright permission by Abysstate


    3D anatomy tutorial on the bones of the pelvis using zygote body ( Join the Facebook page for updates: Follow me on twitter:

  • Published on 10 Jan 2014

    Dhara is that cosmic flow which inter links us to everything around and within us. Dhara is the flow that gives us our feeling of centeredness and allows us to keep our sense of movement within and around us. This seated workout simplifies the Seated and Standing Garuda Matwork and makes the more advanced repertoire easily available to the remedial client. A lot of emphasis is placed on energy work and certain aspects of ayurvedic massage and marmara point work are brought in to this meditative practice. Dhara is a very calming and nurturing process. It allows you to discover the root and the essence of your movement. It floods you with the confidence to move and encourages you to cherish the joy of stillness.

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