Just Breathe

Without getting too personal- last Monday I was in a car accident. I’m fine (!) however, the process I went through really gave me reason to pause and consider breathing (among other things of course).  This consideration is nothing new- most of us know how important our breathing is but it was only after reflecting […]

Kentish Town Studio Opening Party

Sunday 15th September was the official opening day and party for the new Kentish Town Studio. My good friend and PilatesTree partner Monika Zarebska, opened her pilates/yoga/barre/garuda studio which is conveniently situated between Kentish Town & Camden Town tube stations. The party was attended by a variety of pilates, yoga and dance teachers and many local […]


Pilates – Method For a Healthy Spine, a Healthy Nervous System and a Fulfilled Life

Pilates and developmental movement – the curvatures of the spine from birth to walking by Katharina Hesse © This piece is really just another look at Pilates and the spine. And yet it is also a piece about much more than that. You might wonder whether there is really anything else that can be shared on […]


With Loving Tender Care – Reformer Maintenance

I think I speak for most Pilates teachers when I say we have a special bond with our equipment and as with anything else it is vital to look after it well. Special THANK YOU to Dave Littman from Balance Body for taking the time to write a series of short pieces outlining the most essential maintenance procedures for […]


Pilates: A Good Exercise for Every Desk Employee

Working in an office environment poses certain health risks. Sedentary desk jobs can cause back pains, muscle aches, and joint problems. There is an increasing number of work-related illnesses because people ignore these symptoms and fail to remedy it. Aside from physical illness, working in an office can also cause stress. Office pressures such as […]


Getting Grip on Pain and Brain

Published on 13 Aug 2013 by University of South Australia Successful Ageing Seminar: Getting a grip on pain and the brain 26 July 2013 Chronic pain is a huge problem in Australia, with one in five people suffering from a chronic pain disorder that reduces their quality of life. It is estimated to cost Australia approximately $35 […]


Turn on the Lights – Using Your Dimmer Switch

One of the first concepts  to successfully master Pilates is understandingcentering. In correct centering we start with the deepest, intrinsic muscles of the spine, such the multifidus. The multifidus is a series of muscles connected to the spine. We lengthen and strengthen the spinal muscles through flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion. Our natural curves of the spine […]