Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release Using the Foam Roller

What is myofascial release? The word ‘myo’ means muscle and ‘fascia’ means band.  Fascia is a strong but very flexible connective tissue which envelopes every structure (organs, muscles, tendons, bones) of the body, providing support and protection. The myofascia can get tears in them and if they don’t heal properly, the various layers of fascia […]


The Dark Side of Scapular Positioning Cues

The scapular region can be a particularly challenging area to work with. It must be simultaneously stable and mobile, a tricky balance to strike when so many people have very little sense of connection to this area. A very specific biomechanical misunderstanding about function in this area has led to the use of a cue […]



Stretching is a subject that evokes much debate, when to stretch, for how long and how are questions that often arise. There are three main types of stretching commonly used static/passive, pre contraction and dynamic. What type of stretching is best is dependent on many variables. Static stretching is when a muscle is put into […]


Advanced Reformer

Published on 7 Nov 2013 Advanced Pilates-inspired exercises using the reformer by Pilates Expanded. ___________________ This is not how I was taught to do the star but boy is it harder! Great challenge for Pilates enthusiasts