An Instructor Guide To Social Media Marketing

Madonna once told us we’re living in a material world. Now almost 30 years later, I have to say I think we’re living in a social-media world! And thanks to businesses, social media sites now offer much more than status updates from friends. Businesses everywhere offer the public a daily dose of education, inspiration and information through social media – and fitness studios are no exception.

But what’s most interesting about fitness studios when it comes to social media is this:

In the fitness industry, instructors become the product that clients purchase. It is the instructors’ expertise, skills and service that clients come to love. And as a result, clients develop great relationships with their instructors. These instructors are on the “front line” at the studio, inspiring and helping clients on a daily basis. Therefore, they should do the same online!

Instructors can help build interest and attendance for their classes and their studio by actively contributing to a studio’s social media presence. With the right kind of social media posts, instructors can:

Entice potential clients to come try out the studio (showing a fun environment with great workouts).

Help more clients get to know them and want to take class from them.

Encourage current clients to stay consistent with their workouts and/or increase their attendance, try more classes or attend special events.

What exactly can instructors do on their social media sites to help market themselves and their studio? Here is a guide that will help:

On An Instructor’s Personal Page:

Share personal updates on their teaching or education 

EXAMPLE: “Looking forward to a full schedule of teaching tonight at [studio name/link]. Hope my students are ready for a killer class!”

EXAMPLE: “Anatomy workshop in the city this weekend with [teacher name]. Can’t wait…she/he’s supposed to be amazing.”

Share studio news, events and offers

EXAMPLE: “For anyone interested, my studio [name/link] is offering a beginner workshop next Saturday, no experience required! [link to website flyer]”

EXAMPLE: “My studio [name/link] is having a fundraiser next month for [organization name]. Here is the information, hope you can join us for this great cause!”

Share a little fitness education, inspiration or personal reflection

EXAMPLE: “I’m always talking to my clients about good posture! [link to article] Just had to share.”

EXAMPLE: “Found an old manual from my first teacher-training workshop 3 years ago. Wow, time flies. Still can’t believe how lucky I am that this is my job [photo of studio, manual, etc.].”

And update their profile with work information (studio name and position)

Personal page posts can be casual, occasional and simply driven by the instructor’s genuine passion for their teaching. Instructors are role models and a gateway to fitness for their friends, family and community. By sharing a little bit about their work on personal social media pages, instructors are promoting their classes and studio…but also showing they are an accessible resource to anyone who has questions about fitness or looking to start a new workout.

On The Studio’s Business Page:

Instructors can and should post on their studio’s business page (as themselves) to communicate with their clients. In seeing these posts, clients will begin to more actively visit the studio page to read and respond to messages from instructors. This will not only help class attendance grow, but also build a stronger and more loyal client community.

Compliment students after class (be specific)

EXAMPLE: “My 9AM students were amazing this morning! I can’t believe how much progress you’re all making on the [exercise example].”

EXAMPLE: “So many laughs in class today. You guys were so much fun to teach!”

EXAMPLE: “Who loved the crazy leg series tonight? You’ll thank me tomorrow!”

Preview and promote upcoming classes

EXAMPLE: “So excited to teach tomorrow night! I’ve got a fun new ab series I can’t wait to show you.”

EXAMPLE: “My new Pilates 101 class starts next week. If you are new to the studio, this is a great way to start. I hope to meet you soon!”

Provide general encouragement and inspiration

EXAMPLE: “The holidays are just around the corner but I know that won’t deter my dedicated students from coming to class. You guys are inspiring! Keep it up.”

EXAMPLE: “A saw this article yesterday about using exercise to manage stress [link]. Come join me for class tomorrow morning and soothe whatever stressors you’ve got going on this week.”

Endorse studio events, classes or instructors

EXAMPLE: “Looking forward to the foam roller workshop next week. Hope to see you there…your hard-working muscles will thank you for the massage!”

EXAMPLE: “I hopped into Sarah’s yoga class last night and I’m feeling amazing today! What a treat. If you haven’t tried class with her yet, you definitely should. Thanks Sarah!”

Now that you have plenty of examples, go have fun with it! If you’re a studio owner, share this with your instructors. Get your clients connecting with you on social sites a little more when they’re away from the studio…and you’ll get them coming into the studio more for years to come!

Post Author: Dana Auriemma

Dana started her professional career in marketing and sales working for Fortune 500 companies, but later moved out of the corporate world to pursue her passion in fitness. She opened, grew and sold a thriving Pilates studio and is now dedicated to helping other fitness owners master the marketing and business skills needed to reach their full, amazing potential! Dana provides free weekly training articles available or you can find her on Facebook