Are You Giving Yourself Enough Credit?

Are you a Pilates instructor that is passionate about delivering the best Pilates you can to your clients?  You watch on in admiration as your clients improve their bodies and minds in life changing ways, yet you still have a niggling feeling that you’re not good enough?  Stop for a moment and ask yourself: Are you giving yourself enough credit?

The thing is, we can learn, read books and go to workshops until the cows come home, yet with all this knowledge it’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking: ‘there is so much more to learn, so much I don’t know and so little time to learn it all’

What’s more, as an industry, I’m going to hazard a guess that we have an extraordinary amount of perfectionists when compared to the general population and although striving to be the best you can be is healthy, falling into the ‘perfection-paralysis’ trap, is not.

So I’m going to encourage you to stop for a moment and think: 

  • What have I done with my clients today that has inspired them to live happier more fulfilled lives?
  • What have I done to put someone in a better mood?
  • What have I taught someone today about their bodies that they didn’t know yesterday?

The work we do can have far reaching benefits for our clients that they may never mention to us, maybe because they don’t consciously realise how their lives are better and more balanced with Pilates (and you as their teacher), or because they are too shy to articulate it out loud.

Being OK with not knowing all the answers and trusting our intuition can be difficult, so in those moments, it’s important to remember the things that we do that help our clients.

This is often more than just the exercises we give them to make them stronger and more flexible. It can be the time and attention that they get, that they don’t have elsewhere in their life. Or by simply being a role model of health for them when there is a lot of negativity going on in their lives. Or as the only person that reminds them of the importance of taking a deep breath.

These things may seem small, but they can have huge repercussions in the lives of your clients in ways that you might never fully grasp.

So stop and give yourself some credit, OK?

Please tell me, do you forget sometimes to give yourself credit for the work you do? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Post Author: Kim Paxton

Kim Paxton is a passionate Pilates-geek and founder of Kim Paxton Coaching - a resource for Pilates instructors and studio owners that want to market their Pilates offerings in a modern and authentic way. Kim has been lucky to have learnt from some of the finest master Pilates teachers in the industry in Canada, the US and Australia. She currently resides in Australia and teaches from her home studio in the Adelaide Hills. Please find Kim at