Astrology – Is it a load of bunkum? This is a Pilates teacher’s point of view.

We’ve had Yogalates, Pil-oxing, Dogalates but surely the best mix has to be Pilates and Astrology hence Astrolates!

I’m going to take a light hearted look to see if there is something in this astrology business after all.

Astrology has been used for thousands of years.  Back in time, a powerful leader would consult their astrologer before making any major decisions, such as declaring war on a neighbour!  Anyone who knows a little bit about the subject will know that there is a lot more to it than reading your stars in your daily paper. In fact, this only became popular very recently and those tend to pay more attention to the sun sign than a serious astrologer would ever dream of. I am taking a shallow look and leaving the deep stuff the professionals…….

I’ve had a passing interest in the subject of Astrology for a long time. Particularly as I was the child of a rather eccentric Aquarian mother who was born on the cusp of Pisces. She studied Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot, as a hobby! To me, a snooty Virgo teenager, this was as horrifying a situation as you can imagine.  Later on in life, and once out of my teens, I was delighted that my mother was not quite the same as all the other mums and the interest in Astrology has stayed with me, although I do not profess to know that much.


One day, I was teaching a particular Pilates mat class which was very loud, full of fun and laughter but I struggled to control them.  The month was August and out of my class of 8 clients, five of them were having Birthdays.  Many Leos in one class!  So I began to be more aware of my clients Birthdate.

Here are a few things I have noticed when teaching.

If you’ve got to slow them down, they are likely to be a fire sign.

If you’ve to speed them up, they’re probably going to be an earth sign.

Chances are it will be an Arian who says. “What next, I’m bored of this?”

A Gemini will ask why and how?

Talking about food? – Earth sign

If they are very chatty – Fire or air sign.

Breeze into the class late – Air sign

Appear to be quieter – Earth sign.

Thoughtful or deep in thought – likely to be a water sign.

Controversial – water sign

I also noticed that 80% of my male clients are water signs and the majority of them Cancerians. What does this tell me? Surely no coincidence that these men have picked Pilates.  Are they more open to Pilates?  Are they a little bit more in tune with their bodies?  They seem to instinctively know that Pilates will help them reach their goals, whether it is to improve their golf technique or add balance to their cycling.

Certainly, Pisceans (being the oldest and last sign of the zodiac) have almost completed their journeys of self discovery.  Often you will find that the Piscean, male or female, will have tried more complementary therapies than anyone else you know.  Although, one of my more cynical male Cancerian clients would say. “What a load of nonsense!”

So what about the teachers.  Is there a star sign that seem to dominate our industry?

I recently asked Pilates teachers to let me know their star signs and immediately it was quite telling.  Fire signs responded very quickly. A slow burn with the response of the earth signs.  A surprisingly small number of Arians responded in comparison to the other fire signs, however, I know there are some pioneering Arians out there, so maybe they are just too busy!  I have to say I expected more teachers to be Fire & Air signs, because of their outgoing chatty personalities.

A survey is only as useful as the information provided and it may be that certain star signs are predisposed NOT to part with this vital information, so making this survey invalid!  But, based on the information I have gathered.  This is what I found.


The chart starts with Aries followed by Taurus and continues from left to right and ends with Pisces.

You can see on the chart that there are far many more Cancerian teachers than any other sign, followed by Sagittarius and then Leo and Aquarius have the same number of teachers.

I have broken the findings down into the four elements and it’s a fairly even result, with slightly more teachers who are water signs than fire signs. I am not surprised that there are fewer teachers that are earth signs than any other. This career path is not one tan earth sign would normally be associated with. But ,we will look into that another time.

Here is a very basic guide to the Zodiac.

Their are 4 elements of the Zodiac which are made up of, Fire, Earth, Air and Water and each star sign falls into one of these elements.

Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water – Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Each sign has positive traits and negative traits.  So for example, a positive trait in a Virgo maybe the ability to offer constructive criticism about a situation; the negative would be carping and destructive.

A few of the positive and negative characteristics attributed to each sun sign are as follows:

Aries the first sign of the Zodiac.   Enthusiastic burst of youthful energy, full of fun and you are unlikely to miss an Arian in your company. Natural jokers. Can be impatient a selfish.

Taurus – Patience, stable and love security, a great love of beauty and art. Love all earthy pleasures and like a touch of luxury. Can be possessive of things and people.

Gemini – quick witted communicators.  Versatile, never still. Like to express there opinions freely. Although they may change their opinions a split second later!  Can be superficial and inconsistent.

Cancer – The sign of family and home. They may be kind and sympathetic, Intuitive and imaginative and able to express emotion freely. They can be moody and clingy.

Leo – Generous & warm hearted, well hidden sensitivities. Leo love to express their creative side. Fiery and emotional. Can be interfering and bossy.

Virgo – Modest & shy, practical, meticulous reliable. Can lack confidence and be very critical of others and themselves.

Libra – Like fairness and justice and diplomacy.  They can have an air of lightness and charm. Can be indecisive and self indulgent.

Scorpio – Their physical and emotional energy cannot be matched. Intense and charming. Passionate. Can be jealous and secretive.

Sagittarius – Optimistic, jovial and good humored, direct and honest, need space  Can be tactless and restless.

Capricorn – Ambitious, proper and reserved. Patient and careful, very traditional. Dry sense of humor. Can be pessimistic and too conventional

Aquarius – Humanitarian, friendly with an enquiring mind, but private people. Can appear to be a bit eccentric and unpredictable.

Pisces – Inspirational, sensitive and may have a strong spiritual faith.  Can allow reality to become clouded and can be easily led.

Please take this survey as it was intended.  A bit of fun, but you may well recognise some of the traits in yourself or others. Part 2 to follow…………………

P.S Joseph Pilates was a Sagittarian!

Sharon Thompson

Sharon Thompson, co-founder of Sharon has been teaching Pilates for 9 years and has always had an interest in sport, fitness & nutrition. She found the regular practice of Pilates was the only thing that really eased her back & neck pain, so she decided to teach and share the Pilates secret. She also has a passing interest in

Post Author: Sharon Thompson

Sharon Thompson
Sharon Thompson, co-founder of Sharon has been teaching Pilates for 9 years and has always had an interest in sport, fitness & nutrition. She found the regular practice of Pilates was the only thing that really eased her back & neck pain, so she decided to teach and share the Pilates secret. She also has a passing interest in