Pilates For the Mind? A Requisite For Happiness?

Developmental movement patterns 2: the yield-and-push-reach-and-pull cycle by Katharina Hesse © As we head into winter, spare a little thought for those affected by SAD – seasonal affective disorder – a form of depression linked to a change in seasons, often linked to the lack of light. Exercise, particularly aerobic outdoor activity, is often recommended […]


Pilates – Method For a Healthy Spine, a Healthy Nervous System and a Fulfilled Life

Pilates and developmental movement – the curvatures of the spine from birth to walking by Katharina Hesse © This piece is really just another look at Pilates and the spine. And yet it is also a piece about much more than that. You might wonder whether there is really anything else that can be shared on […]


Worry Line Between Your Brows? Try Pilates Instead of Botox

By Katharina Hesse © Ever noticed how Pilates teachers are quite obsessed with the pelvic floor? (Yes, this blog is about wrinkles, just read on and I’ll get to them eventually….) An active pelvic floor helps posture and posturally-related pains, such as back and even shoulder pain, improves continence and – dare I say it? – […]


Modifying Pilates: Pilates for Your Type

Modifying Pilates: Pilates for your Type by Katharina (Kat) Hesse © Tailoring Pilates to our clients’ needs is not a new idea. But is this just a matter of looking at their postural and muscular deviations, or can we tailor a programme to suit their individual personalities? Reading Sharon’s blog on Astrology and Pilates (Astrolates), I […]


Stress – A Pain In The Neck

Stress and discomfort seem to affect the neck more immediately than any other area. This is one of the key insights of the Alexander Technique. An important insight for Pilates teachers too as neck tension creates tension in every part of the spine. Theodore Dimon suggests that the level of tension in the sub-occipital muscles, a […]