Turn on the Lights – Using Your Dimmer Switch

One of the first concepts  to successfully master Pilates is understandingcentering. In correct centering we start with the deepest, intrinsic muscles of the spine, such the multifidus. The multifidus is a series of muscles connected to the spine. We lengthen and strengthen the spinal muscles through flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion. Our natural curves of the spine […]


Posture Perfect: Matters of Alignment

Posture is the alignment of our skeleton within the body.   Pilates teaches us how to consciously discover our natural or neutral alignment throughout the body.  Given enough practice, we transfer these experiences so our everyday life so that our alignment is now subconscious.  This is true for both good and poor posture, as  “practice makes […]


Questions for Madeleine 2

Question: Dear Madeleine I teach a young, male 27 years old client, with a severe shortness of hamstrings, back and hips.  We have done already lots of great work that significantly increased his mobility through the spine, hips and shoulders.  However the tightness is not letting go regardless of foam rolling, ball (small tennis ball […]