Digital Pilates

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Garuda Dhara Chair Workout 1

Published on 10 Jan 2014 Dhara is that cosmic flow which inter links us to everything around and within us. Dhara is the flow that gives us our feeling of centeredness and allows us to keep our sense of movement within and around us. This seated workout simplifies the Seated and Standing Garuda Matwork and makes […]


Advanced Reformer

Published on 7 Nov 2013 Advanced Pilates-inspired exercises using the reformer by Pilates Expanded. ___________________ This is not how I was taught to do the star but boy is it harder! Great challenge for Pilates enthusiasts 


With Loving Tender Care – Reformer Maintenance

I think I speak for most Pilates teachers when I say we have a special bond with our equipment and as with anything else it is vital to look after it well. Special THANK YOU to Dave Littman from Balance Body for taking the time to write a series of short pieces outlining the most essential maintenance procedures for […]


Getting Grip on Pain and Brain

Published on 13 Aug 2013 by University of South Australia Successful Ageing Seminar: Getting a grip on pain and the brain 26 July 2013 Chronic pain is a huge problem in Australia, with one in five people suffering from a chronic pain disorder that reduces their quality of life. It is estimated to cost Australia approximately $35 […]