Integral Biology and the Holistic Pilates Practitioner

Integral biology is the study of our environment’s effects on our physical, spiritual and mental health. A change, shift or imbalance in one area will affect the other areas. Examples of factors that influence our integral biology could be: Environmental – such as our lifestyle, diet and nutrition, technology (work, appliances, gadgets) , diet and nutrition, […]


Pilates Success

Everyone has their own idea about what it means to them to be successful. Identifying what success means to you personally is a key factor in making your business work for you rather than you work for your business. Perhaps you are motivated by profit, empowering people, making a difference, becoming famous or do you work […]


Duty of care, professional role for specialist populations and boundaries

Pilates Instructors have a Duty of Care (law of tort) to extend a reasonable level of care towards a client; avoid injury to that individual and their property.   Liability in a breach in Duty of Care is based upon the relationship between the parties the omission or negligent act and whether loss to the individual was reasonably […]