Just Breathe

Without getting too personal- last Monday I was in a car accident. I’m fine (!) however, the process I went through really gave me reason to pause and consider breathing (among other things of course).  This consideration is nothing new- most of us know how important our breathing is but it was only after reflecting […]


Pilates and Mental Health – Part 5

“Pilates teaches me what’s wrong with my body” The more I work with this small group of male addicts the more I learn from them.  Whereas ‘mindful Pilates’ previously had just been my ideal way to work, simply a concept, since working with these men I feel I now have proof. In these classes, we don’t always […]


Pilates and Mental Health – Following Weeks

Posture is the key It’s been a few weeks on since I last wrote about my experiences in delivering a Pilates class for a group of male addicts. The numbers have dropped because some of the previous residents have moved on most only stay between three to nine months. I’ve learnt a lot more about […]


Pilates and Mental Health – Week Three

And release… It’s the third week in to my voluntary classes with a small group of men living with drug abuse additions. Personalities and group dynamics are starting to show, they keep coming back for more and they’re certainly keeping me on my toes! I’m astounded by the level of technique these beginners have: as soon […]


Pilates and Mental Health – Week Two

Two weeks in and going strong Goosebumps, pure goosebumps. How many people can say their job does that? And the cause of these goosebumps I hear you ask: my first two weeks of delivering a Pilates class to a group of young men living with addiction to crack and heroin abuse. My aim for these sessions is […]


Pilates and Mental Health?

Pilates and mental health? Yes, we can help! As instructors we often work with clients in some form of recovery, usually from a physical injury or condition. The results that gentle activity makes available to these participants – peace, alignment, strength, vitality and fun, could be highly beneficial to people in vulnerable situations. We hear a lot […]