The Protocol Incident

I have been thinking a great deal about protocol lately. It began with a conversation with Fletcher Pilates Program Director Kyria Sabin where I realized that what I call my “rules” are actually a well thought out set of protocol. The rules of engagement within my practice include how clients speak about themselves, no cell phones in class, […]


Music in Pilates Classes

Do you play music in your Pilates classes or studio? I can see why one would want to play music.  It might help you to wind down from the events that came before class, work, family, etc.  If your’e doing a fairly tough routine the music can really have an impact on creating the push […]


Why Social Media?

Over the next few months were going to be helping you with the minefield that is Social media, where to start, which platforms to use, why and how to turn your efforts into qualified leads. If you’re having trouble convincing yourself, business partners, boss that social media marketing is worthwhile, then read on. Everyone talks […]