Interview with Dave Littman, Balanced Body Pilates

We met Dave at Balanced Body, Pilates on Tour in London, April 2013 What is your role in Balanced Body? I’ve been with Balanced Body since in 1998.  When I started there was just a few of us so the roles were broad, I was involved with sales, product development, business relationships and bringing products to […]


Getting to Know Joanne Elphinston (JEMS)

Since we have published our review of Joanne’s workshop JEMS Functional Foundations for Pilates Teachers: Dynamic Movement Principles for Work, Sport and Life  we have received numerous inquiries for further information and workshop dates.  We decided to go to the source and ask: Who is Joanne Elphinston? That’s quite a tricky philosophical question to begin with! I […]


Interview with Mike Perry

Mike Perry kindly agreed to be interviewed by  He will shortly be presenting his workshop – Pilates Made Simple.  I ask him to take a seat but he chooses to squat and of course when you realise what Mike does other than Pilates all will become clear. The studio, Pilates in Motion, is in Ealing, West London.  […]


Asquith London

The Story Behind the Brand     As previously blogged, here at Pilates Tree, we are big fans of Pilates and Yoga Wear label; Asquith London. Season after season, their dedication to style and comfort has made them a huge hit in the realm of yoga and Pilates. They truly understand the ethos of Pilate goers. […]


Interview with Madeleine Backlund of Backlund Pilates, London

Madeleine Backlund, founder of Backlund Pilates, began her teaching career in 1992.  She has been at the forefront of Teacher training under the Pilates Foundation UK since 1997.  She was born in northern Sweden and has lived here in the UK since 1972 We got the chance to meet Madeleine at her Pilates studio in […]