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Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Balanced Body Pilates, Business & Education, Equipment, Media | 0 comments

The Making of a Balanced Body Reformer

The Making of a Balanced Body Reformer

In the last video you saw your way around the BB factory in Sacramento and a bit about production of the Wundachair, this time we go in to see how the BB reformer is made.  Enjoy!


Published on 6 Nov 2013
Pilates Anytime was lucky enough to go up and visit Balanced Body™ HQ in Sacramento, California earlier this year. While we were there we got to see a vintage reformer made by Joseph Pilates, go on a tour of the Balanced Body™ factory, and follow the making of one reformer from production to shipping. Watch as Balanced Body™ CEO Ken Endelman shows us how a reformer is made, finished, shipped, and received.

To see the factory tour and the vintage reformer, click the links below:

Tour –…

Reformer –…


The type of reformer shipped to Rayann Gordon was a CenterLine™ Reformer with the Tower and Mat Conversion kit. Rayann is based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and her studio is Openspace Pilates ( Thanks to Balanced Body™ and Rayann Gordon for allowing us to follow the journey of this reformer.

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Posted by on Sep 1, 2013 in Balanced Body Pilates, Media, Pilates | 0 comments

Balanced Body Tour

Balanced Body Tour

Fabulous! Thank you to Pilates Anytime for producing this video and taking us on a tour of Balanced Body factory :)

Published on 28 Aug 2013
Balanced Body™ founder and CEO Ken Endelman takes us on a tour of the Balanced Body™ factory in Sacramento, California. We get to see this huge complex and learn about the ecological and high-quality practices of Balanced Body™. Take a peek behind the scenes and so how so many Pilates products are produced by the largest Pilates equipment manufacturer in the world.


We previously featured Dave Littman from Balance Body Pilates

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