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Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Becoming a Teacher, Piper the Pilates Princess, Q & A | 0 comments

Under Pressure

Under Pressure


Dear Piper the Petite Pilates Princess:

I have moments whilst teaching when I feel present, focused, intuitive and confident but others when those little voices in my head question every choice I make and I doubt my ability to help people. How can I help myself be more in the moment and stop putting pressure on myself?  Zoë


Dear Zoë:

I don’t know anyone who has a name that begins with a Z. You must be pretty special to have a Z name! I asked my Aunt Kate about your question (After my big brother Ben helped me with some of the words I didn’t know.)

Aunt Kate says it is normal to worry about being a good teacher. She said, “Tell Zoë that the fact that she cares so much about helping people and being a good teacher is why she sometimes doubts her ability. We all have moments when we are absolutely on our game and the very best teacher we can be. We also have moments when we get a little distracted or have a hard time seeing something that on another day seems obvious. All we can do is allow ourselves to be human and be whatever our best is on every single day.”

I didn’t really understand Zoë. So we talked some more (Aunt Kate is really super great about explaining things until I understand them.). I think this is what she meant.

Some days, I am really super extra strong. I can do anything I want and it feels like my brain and my body are best friends who can play and play all day and never get tired or hurt each other’s feelings. Other days, like the days when I am tired or grumpy or if I didn’t like my lunch and gave most of it away to my friend Sheridan (she has a really neat name too), I can’t do the same things with my body. It sort of feels more like my brain and my body are having a misunderstanding (I just learned that word and really like it) and when they aren’t getting along, everything that was easy and fun the day before is just hard and I get mad at myself.

On those days, Aunt Kate reminds me that I have to be nice to my body and my brain every day and that I will be different every single day I do Pilates (or other stuff) and I should do my best for that day only. She also helps me figure out what happened that day before Pilates so I can try to remember that it isn’t good to give my lunch away or to stay up too late. But being mad at myself because I have a bad day is just silly, because it is really great that I can tell the difference between a good day and a not good day.

So Zoë, maybe you could just do your best every single day and on not so good days, try not to be mad at yourself. And maybe you could write down what happened before you went to teach or while you were teaching on the good days and the bad so you could try to make the bad day stuff different. Oh, and Aunt Kate always reminds me to breathe. So don’t forget to do that too.

Thanks for writing to me Zoë. Sending you and extra super huge hug!

Your friend,

Piper the Petite Pilates Princess

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