Integral Biology and the Holistic Pilates Practitioner

Integral biology is the study of our environment’s effects on our physical, spiritual and mental health. A change, shift or imbalance in one area will affect the other areas. Examples of factors that influence our integral biology could be:

Environmental – such as our lifestyle, diet and nutrition, technology (work, appliances, gadgets) , diet and nutrition, pollution, the global economy, the country’s economy, pollution, collective consciousness. Home and work environments that cause stress, tiredness and physical stress.

Psychological – thinking patterns, habits, disease, illness, stressful lifestyle, confidence, anxiety and depression

All of these factors can affect our mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. As a holistic Instructor we need to take time to evaluate and reflect upon our own life and how it impacts on those around us. We are in a position of power and leadership. One that should be given the respect it deserves.

Reflection and evaluation of integral biology also needs to be a consideration for our clients. It is important to recognise that we cannot cover all areas for a clients and referral and sign posting our clients towards other professionals, people of organisations who can guide and help them is an important and often an under acknowledged part of our work.

Peter Levine writes: The human animal is a unique being, endowed with instinctual capacity to heal and the intellectual spirit to harness this innate capacity.

We are in a privileged and honourable position to help facilitate that healing for someone and restoring them on their path to balance. We are part of a collective team in an individual’s life to help, lead, bear witness, show hope for recovery and direct them to balance of the mind, body and spirit. We can show people that the things that have happened to them don’t necessarily define who they are and how they can become in the future. That they have the power, the strength, the resolution to move themselves forward to a place of balance and harmony where their light can truly shine.

So…you thought you were just teaching Pilates?????

Post Author: Rachel Rafiefar

Rachel Rafiefar (nee Swindle) has been teaching Pilates since 1988 having originally trained with Alan Herdman. Specialises in Pre and postnatal Pilates – postgraduate; CPD training; teaches body reading and non verbal communication for Pilates teachers, healthcare professionals and business organisations; consultancy on interviewing using non verbal communication for business. Links: The Thoughtful Body