Moving Beautifully with Joanne Elphinston


On the weekend of the 16th March we attended a workshop with Joanne Elphinston of JEMS organised by the Pilates Foundation.

This is perhaps a bold statement but I can tell you that this workshop is probably the most useful we have ever attended.  There is no doubt that Joanne’s book (Stability, sport and performance movement) will be a point of reference when assessing dysfunctional movement in the future.

The workshop was called Functional Foundations for Pilates teachers and termed moving beautifully.   Joanne is an international lecturer, author and Performance Consultant specialising in technical movement optimisation, injury prevention and rehabilitation for treatment-resistant injury in elite athletes, professional dancers and musicians.  The workshop was not about athletes or dancers though, but was about the person, the body, any body.

She peels back the layers and starts at the very beginning.  She explains that we often start at too high a level of loading to allow the body to learn new and correct patterning and therefore the body stays locked in it’s coping strategy.

Her teaching is inspiring.  She has a way of conveying her message in extremely simple terms, a language her audience can understand, whether they are Physiotherapists, Pilates teachers or clients/patients.  She has an incredibly positive & sunny teaching approach.  She gave us new ways of encouraging and managing a positive outcome with our clients. The ultimate aim being success.

Joanne, Kent and Andy were absolutely fabulous and the workshop was run like clockwork. Everyone was included, attended to and assisted.  There was plenty of time for discussion and all questions were answered.

We left the workshop armed with solutions and strategies for movement dysfunction and the confidence to deal with it.

We would recommend this fabulous workshop to any qualified Pilates teacher who is open to new concepts and is prepared to look outside the box and perhaps unlearn a few things too!


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