Pilates for Breast Cancer Events

We thought it would be great to summarise some fantastic Pilates events held in many places around the UK for breast cancer charities.  We will keep adding on new events as we received them, so please keep emailing us on office@pilatestree.com.

1>  The first event we received was from Pilates Clinique, they held a coffee morning on the 27th September and collected £793.  Well done!!

“We are holding a Coffee and Cake charity morning plus more on Friday 27th September, here at
Pilates Clinique .
From 11am till 1:30pm”

“Thank you, thank you, we manage to raise so far £793 for today morning coffee on behalf of Macmillan Cancer support. You still can do your part by donating though their website. Thank you for those who baked their cakes and contributing to it, thanks to Vicki for her nutritional advise to our guest. Well done everybody for making this a worthy cause. We thank you and Macmillan thank you!!”



2>  TenPilates are running some special events for the Breast Cancer Awareness month of October, Her are some details and check out their pink page!

Classes for £18.50 with a 50p donation.
Private sessions for £65 and £85 for Master trainers with a £5 donation.
Any private, non insurance funded TenPhysio treatments will also get a £5 donation.
Everything has gone pink in the studios, from the website and Twitter feeds to the yoga mats and instructor’s uniform.



 3> Posture Perfect Pilates held Macmillan Exercise Morning!  

Friday October 4th 9am – 1pm in the studio.  Thank you to everyone who took part and donated, we have reached £400 so far and we are awaiting the text total.



4> Pilates Studio Kildare


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