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Posted by on Apr 27, 2013 in Reviews, Workshops, Workshops and Further Education | 0 comments

Pilates on Tour 2013

Pilates on Tour 2013

Balanced Body certainly know how to put on a show.  I went along to the reception on Friday to mingle with other Pilates teachers and the organisers of the event.  It really is a unique gathering as the teachers that attend are from all different schools of training and around 30 different countries. This is unusual in itself, as we Pilates teachers tend to stick with our training bodies to a greater or lesser degree and therefore bump into the same people at the workshops and conferences that we attend.  Being a teacher can also be a bit of a solitary occupation unless you work in a studio with other teachers, so it’s a great social event.

For the benefit those of that don’t know Balanced Body is a company that manufactures and supplies Pilates equipment and they also have their own education programme. They are based in the US and take their tour all over the world.  Pilates on Tour 2013 in London is the 3rd one in the UK but the 58th in the world.

Pilates on Tour is probably the biggest Pilates conference in the UK and they bring the lot with them, equipment and teachers. There are many fantastic workshops to choose from over the weekend and some pre conference workshops too  where you can get get more specialised training, for example, Core Align with Portia Page.  Highly respected teachers present a great variety of workshops from both the UK and USA. Its great chance to get pick up hints & tips and new ideas.

The Balanced Body crew are a generous bunch and there are a few freebees up for grabs, DVDs, Mats, bags & pens.  At the reception, snacks and soft drinks, wine & beer were all available.  You can also buy equipment as a discounted rate as well as books and DVD’s.

For information about future tours please click on the link.

Sharon Thompson

Sharon Thompson, co-founder of Sharon has been teaching Pilates for 9 years and has always had an interest in sport, fitness & nutrition. She found the regular practice of Pilates was the only thing that really eased her back & neck pain, so she decided to teach and share the Pilates secret. She also has a passing interest in

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