Pilates on Tour 2015

Pilatestree had the pleasure of being invited to Balanced Body, Pilates on Tour in London again this year and as usual on offer were great workshops hosted by some fabulous teachers. You can’t be everywhere but I managed to see a few favourites but sorry not to have been able to get to every workshop on offer.

Suzanne Scott presented a workshop on ‘Pilates for  High Performance’. I’ve been a fan of Suzanne ever since I began my training where she often delivered lectures to us, or more scarily was an examiner in our final exams! Since then, I’ve attended several of her workshops but this was the best. She talked about, and showed us the roles strength, flexibility, power and endurance play for the athlete, and how we as Pilates teachers can facilitate this. The workshop was clearly and concisely presented with the perfect amount of demonstration and explanation and even though aimed at high performing athletes, I was still able to take parts of this and apply them to my classes this week. I also managed to get an interview with Suzanne, so watch this space!

Elizabeth Larkham presented a workshop on ‘Balancing the slings in the Pilates studio’ … Fabulously inventive as ever, Elizabeth delivered some gorgeous exercises on the reformer, Cadillac and chair and she did some amazing work for the neck using the stability sling. Following the principles of fascia training and with the latest research, she presented a balanced programme of exercises that were applicable to combat the effects of modern living i,e phones, computers etc.

This year, for the first time, I also managed to do a workshop with Chrissy Romani -Ruby and who I’ve just added to my favourites list. Her back background is physiotherapy and her workshop was, ‘The Gluteals and the link to lower back pain’. Back pain is so prevalent in our ever more sedentary society that this was a really useful look at the latest research and how we can use these finds in the Pilates environment. Needless to say, we all knew where our Gluteals were by the end of the workshop. I very much look forward to working with Chrissy again and picked up some  fabulous functional exercises both on the mat and the reformer to add to the repertoire. I used some of these exercises today – not sure my clients will thank me tomorrow but they will in the long term!

Thank you to Ken Endelman, Nora and Al Harrison, Dave Littman and all of the Pilates on Tour team for another great tour and being such good hosts. See you next year!

Post Author: Sharon Thompson

Sharon Thompson, co-founder of PilatesTree.com. Sharon has been teaching Pilates for 9 years and has always had an interest in sport, fitness & nutrition. She found the regular practice of Pilates was the only thing that really eased her back & neck pain, so she decided to teach and share the Pilates secret. She also has a passing interest in Astrology.www.essentiallypilates.co.uk