Pilates and Mental Health – Week Two

Two weeks in and going strong Goosebumps, pure goosebumps. How many people can say their job does that? And the cause of these goosebumps I hear you ask: my first two weeks of delivering a Pilates class to a group of young men living with addiction to crack and heroin abuse. My aim for these sessions is […]


Extracts from A Pilates Primer: The Combo Millennium Edition by J Pilates and J Robbins

Previous Next “That our chairs, benches, settees, sofas, couches and beds seemingly are designed for every other purpose than that of rest, relaxation or sleep – they are in reality the primary cause of our acquiring wrong and harmful postural habits, too numerous for mention here.” “PERFECT Balance of Body and Mind, is that quality in civilised […]


Pilates and Mental Health?

Pilates and mental health? Yes, we can help! As instructors we often work with clients in some form of recovery, usually from a physical injury or condition. The results that gentle activity makes available to these participants – peace, alignment, strength, vitality and fun, could be highly beneficial to people in vulnerable situations. We hear a lot […]


THINK, BREATHE AND SLEEP PILATES – BUT WHY? Interestingly enough Pilates, or as it was originally called Contrology, was meant to be a life style not just a form of exercise.  Through series of exercises one would develop a personal discipline which would spread a positive effect across one’s life, work and health.  In reality, […]