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Garuda Chakra Video 1 (Foam Roller)

Garuda Chakra Video 1 (Foam Roller)

Published on 27 Nov 2013

Discover James D’Silva’s latest Garuda Chakra foamroller workout, filmed especially for this youtube channel.Chakra is the defining word that aligns our newly produced form rollers with the work outs we have created in opening, lengthening and strengthening our form. The word aptly described as the energetic wheel, allows us to challenge ourselves proprioceptionally whilst engaging our mental and physical prowess.

James has incorporated the Garuda repertoire and cleverly devised the movement material in making it as simple or advanced as the practitioner would require it. Chakra is the wheel of discovery, the energetic wheel that engages your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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Garuda Barre (Video 1)

Garuda Barre (Video 1)


Welcome to the first of our amazing new Garuda videos designed to give you an insight into the unique Garuda method developed and demonstrated by James D’Silva.
With the Garuda Barre James D’Silva has designed a contemporary workout using the idea of pulling and pushing and standing out of your legs. Here the Garuda Standing matwork is explored, and vigorous arm and leg work is brought in to establish length and strength in the body. Yet again the work moves from remedial to advanced and different strength bands are brought in to widen the repertoire. This is a functional strength training and challenges endurance, flexibility and balance.


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Garuda Studio

Garuda Studio

68792_162158543804207_8303712_n   The new Garuda Studio.   Last Thursday we went to meet James D’Silva and Alison Beecham at their beautiful new studio in the heart of St Johns Wood (have a look at pictures below).  From the main road we walked in through an iron gate down a pebble laid path into lower ground floor entrance, how very English.   As we entered we are greeted by a smiley receptionist who made us instantly feel welcome. The new Garuda studio has been decorated in the newly redesigned  colours scheme of grey, orange and white.

The front room is separated by glass panels which keeps the lower floor light and functional.  That first room, lets call it studio 1, is equipped with all Pilates gear plus Gyrotonic and Garuda pieces.  When we arrived James D’Silva was teaching a private client just in there.  Further through a little corridor we made our way to top of the range changing rooms with marble floors and beautiful smells.

The next floor up is the matwork studio (2), absolutely stunning room (used to be a home to St. John’s Wood arts club) with large, vintage stained glass windows giving plenty of natural light and warm glow to the space.  The mirrors around the room just emphasise the grand look.

A few more stairs lead to the 3rd studio with Garuda equipment only.  As I am writing this article I am sitting in that room listening to James’s enchanting and encouraging voice teaching an equipment class to a group of 5 lovely ladies including Sharon (hehe do you see how clever I got her into doing this class instead of me! :))

The Garuda apparatus is an amazing mechanism, cleverly designed, as it combines three Pilates machines the Reformer, the Wundachair and the Cadillac but offers so much more.  (I am watching Sharon struggling slightly during her class… Oh dear);  imagine the reformer but larger & wider, with split platforms and much bigger springs.  The chair is attached to where you would expect to see the foot bar, seamlessly integrated into the frame of the Cadillac. The other side of the Reformer is an attachment for the tower. I have just noticed that the pulleys of the Reformer have more than one place of attachment allowing wider variety of exercise adaptation.

I am listening to James’s teaching and realise what a real flow of the classis, he doesn’t give a chance,  flowing from one exercise to another using his voice intonation to influence the movement.  Spiral spiral spiral, feels great just watching it, they are moving in all directions with every exercise.

While Sharon keeps going, brave girl, she is doing so well I am going to walk you throughout the rest of the studio..

From the Garuda room you walk into studio 4, which contains only three pieces the first Garuda Grandma (the original apparatus), a Pilates Cadillac and Gyrotonic tower.  This is a more discreet room with an en suite shower room.  Alison called it the overflow space but I am sure it’s a great place for those clients requiring a little extra privacy.

The studio has a feel of luxury, comfort, space & light, truly the perfect space to come to exercise and find your zen! Not sure how Sharon feels about zen right now as the class is in full swing and as always James emphasises the whole body movement, it’s almost a dance and although Sharon is a Pilates teacher she has never done Garuda equipment before but she has no problem following the routine.  Occasionally, James would pause to give some personal assistance, queuing movement not muscles!

The Garuda apparatus is excellent for people of all sizes, even really large guys, Alison also shows me the new and more functional foam roller, which is 120 cm long and a bit fatter to cater for bigger, taller people.  What a great idea!  It is my understanding that we will be seeing more Garuda small equipment items in the near future.

As I look back I realise the Garuda machines differ from each other, it turns out the latest is the 5th version, there maybe a name change to iGaruda in the near future too ;).   The class is almost over, unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to see the split platform in action but its been fantastic observing anyway.  The girls have worked very hard, well done.  I am going to scrape Sharon off the equipment now and take her to lunch.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Garuda system, their teacher training or DVD’s please visit Garuda website on

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