Pilates – Method For a Healthy Spine, a Healthy Nervous System and a Fulfilled Life

Pilates and developmental movement – the curvatures of the spine from birth to walking by Katharina Hesse © This piece is really just another look at Pilates and the spine. And yet it is also a piece about much more than that. You might wonder whether there is really anything else that can be shared on […]


Pilates Beautiful by Bluebird Pilates Munich – Spine Corrector

Joseph Pilates Spine Corrector by Bluebird Pilates Munich Published on 18 Jun 2013 Visit Our Website Here :… Visit Us on Facebook :… Produced and performed by Bluebird Pilates Munich München Music: copyright permission by


The Benefits of Pilates

The Benefits of Pilates.   If you haven’t heard of Pilates, where have you been?!  Pilates is having its moment in the spotlight right now, with celebrities such as Madonna and Lady Gaga extolling its virtues and who can forget Pippa Middleton’s Pilates bottom? So what makes Pilates so great and why should you do it? […]