My Voice

Losing My Voice

Thank you Marcia for sharing this very personal story with us – Monika x Writer’s block. If you’ve ever sat down to a blank page, intent on expressing the thoughts running through your brain and not been able to complete a first sentence, you have likely experienced some version of your own writer’s block. My […]


Getting Kids into Pilates

How Piper became the Petite Pilates Princess Sample Clip: Piper The Petite Pilates Princess How Piper the Petite Pilates Princess learned about courage Sample Clip: Piper The Petite Pilates Princess Written by Marcia Polas Performed by Drew Cortese Engineered by Joe Turse, San Luis Sound Recording Studio


The Protocol Incident

I have been thinking a great deal about protocol lately. It began with a conversation with Fletcher Pilates Program Director Kyria Sabin where I realized that what I call my “rules” are actually a well thought out set of protocol. The rules of engagement within my practice include how clients speak about themselves, no cell phones in class, […]


Making Space

A few weeks ago, I saw an interview with poet Richard Blanco. He was walking the interviewer through an outdoor space he had designed when he was a civil engineer. When speaking of his work now, as a poet, in comparison, he said, “I create a space for people to walk into mentally.” I immediately wrote it […]