Pilates and Mental Health – Week Three

And release… It’s the third week in to my voluntary classes with a small group of men living with drug abuse additions. Personalities and group dynamics are starting to show, they keep coming back for more and they’re certainly keeping me on my toes! I’m astounded by the level of technique these beginners have: as soon […]


Pilates Matwork Repertoire – The Hundred

The Hundred exercise in Pilates got its name because you hold the exercise for 100 counts.  In classical Pilates matwork repertoire you start your session with The Hundred to warm up, get your breathing strong and your blood oxygenated.  It strengthens your abdominals, develops trunk stabilisation and stimulates coordination. Point of caution: Work at your own pace and if […]



Do you know how many types of pilates are out there…? No? To be entirely honest,  neither do I, but there are many. For starters, searching through the internet and posting questions on Facebook I found several mutations of Pilates, either starting with pil- or ending with -lates, my favourite being ‘dogilates’ for dogs!  The […]