Ken Endelman – The man behind Balanced Body

Working with Pilates as I do, I get to interview some of the most inspirational people involved with Pilates over the years. It makes my job so much more rewarding and helps to inspire and inform our ever increasing audience of Pilates enthusiasts. During Pilates on Tour 2016 in London, I got to interview Ken […]

Balanced Body Pilates on Tour 2014

For the third year in the row PilatesTree attended Balanced Body Pilates on Tour, London.  This was the 67th PoT and 4th in the UK.  PoT is a great opportunity for teachers from many different countries and different schools to interact, mingle, play and work together and to expand our knowledge. Teachers from more than […]


Interview with Dave Littman, Balanced Body Pilates

We met Dave at Balanced Body, Pilates on Tour in London, April 2013 What is your role in Balanced Body? I’ve been with Balanced Body since in 1998.  When I started there was just a few of us so the roles were broad, I was involved with sales, product development, business relationships and bringing products to […]



Do you know how many types of pilates are out there…? No? To be entirely honest,  neither do I, but there are many. For starters, searching through the internet and posting questions on Facebook I found several mutations of Pilates, either starting with pil- or ending with -lates, my favourite being ‘dogilates’ for dogs!  The […]