Compliance – Alliance

Adhering to your home program Being a practitioner of the healing arts is a great job. It is immensely satisfying to precipitate a client’s recovery or improvement and then nurture them along the way to full function. But…it is probably safe to say that one of the most frustrating aspects of being in the field […]

Pilates For Total Hip Replacement: What We Need To Know?

Due to changes in our NHS service more & more Pilates teachers are being referred clients following hip replacement surgery. Once, patients would have been on a hospital ward for at least a week receiving Physiotherapy daily. This ensured that they could confidently perform their post op exercise regime and climb stairs safely. However, these […]


Pilates4Amputees – A Unique Challenge

The amputee client has many unique challenges in order to move in a functional and rewarding way.  They have the practical issues of asymmetry, altered lever arms, altered muscle origins and insertions, stump care, the huge challenge of prosthetic function to learn and adjust to.  Added to this is the nervous system changes and challenges […]


Pilates & Total Hip Replacement

A total hip replacement (THR) is a common orthopaedic surgical procedure. It is generally necessary when a hip is diagnosed with osteoarthritis by X-ray or MRI and the individual experiences persistent pain. The client will probably complain of pain in the groin radiating down the anterior aspect of the thigh sometimes also effecting the knee especially […]



Do you know how many types of pilates are out there…? No? To be entirely honest,  neither do I, but there are many. For starters, searching through the internet and posting questions on Facebook I found several mutations of Pilates, either starting with pil- or ending with -lates, my favourite being ‘dogilates’ for dogs!  The […]