The Wonders of The Pilates Overball

The Pilates overball is a wonderful adaptable small piece of equipment used to enhance Pilates exercises.  We commonly use it for alignment and to assist or challenge in a whole host of Pilates exercises but it also has another fabulous use; It’s my favourite travel companion, apart from my husband of course! The overball comes […]


Music in Pilates Classes

Do you play music in your Pilates classes or studio? I can see why one would want to play music.  It might help you to wind down from the events that came before class, work, family, etc.  If your’e doing a fairly tough routine the music can really have an impact on creating the push […]


Interview with Madeleine Backlund of Backlund Pilates, London

Madeleine Backlund, founder of Backlund Pilates, began her teaching career in 1992.  She has been at the forefront of Teacher training under the Pilates Foundation UK since 1997.  She was born in northern Sweden and has lived here in the UK since 1972 We got the chance to meet Madeleine at her Pilates studio in […]



Astrology – Is it a load of bunkum? This is a Pilates teacher’s point of view. We’ve had Yogalates, Pil-oxing, Dogalates but surely the best mix has to be Pilates and Astrology hence Astrolates! I’m going to take a light hearted look to see if there is something in this astrology business after all. Astrology has […]