The Wonders of The Pilates Overball

The Pilates overball is a wonderful adaptable small piece of equipment used to enhance Pilates exercises.  We commonly use it for alignment and to assist or challenge in a whole host of Pilates exercises but it also has another fabulous use; It’s my favourite travel companion, apart from my husband of course!

The overball comes in a variety of colours and sizes and It can be fully deflated and carried in my handbag or hand luggage. My travel companion is bright yellow and 7 inches in diameter.

Once I board the plane, I semi inflate my beloved overball and it goes behind my head or neck or wherever needed to make the travel a bit more comfortable.  The overball really comes into its own once we reach our destination.  I don’t know about you but I always find sunbeds a bit uncomfortable, with the overball tucked behind your head and under your towel it’s perfect.


Great for when you want to do a bit of reading or fancy a snooze and really comfortable.  You’ll find yourself nodding off in no time at all.


Obviously, you don’t want to over do it on your holiday but if you feel the need to do a little bit of something, try a few bridges/spine curls with the ball in between your knees or some pre Pilates exercises like open book. You can even do some thoracic release with the ball in between your shoulder blades and some neck stretches with the ball behind your head. The beauty of the overball is that you can inflate it to just the right amount for you.  Don’t leave home without yours!

Video: Pilates Exercises – How to Use an Over Ball

Post Author: Sharon Thompson

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