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Why Write For PilatesTree Magazine

  • We are the first national publication for the pilates community in the UK, and that fast growing community is eager to learn and share knowledge and information.
  • Writing for pilatestree magazine maybe your way to ‘bigger and better thing’, such as professional publishing or global teaching (i.e. book publishing, teaching workshops nationwide, etc).
  • Once your blog has been accepted for publishing, it will then be distributed through our social network to a very wide audience.
  • You work at you own pace to suit your own time-table. We offer you a national platform to express your passions and opinions; How often you write is up to you. However, our most frequent, and most engaged writers, will have an opportunity to achieve a star status, and be exhibited on the home page :).
  • Take the opportunity to promote your own website and social profiles, by submitting your links and bio.


General Guidelines

  • Although we would love for everyone to have a say on any subject, before you submit your work, please have a poke around the site to see if someone else has already done it. This mostly relates to factual information i.e. how to do Hundreds – there are only so many interesting ways in which you can write about it… However, if you feel you are offering something different, please send it in with a note of explanation.
  • We found that word count of an average blog is best kept to around 250-800 words, max 1000 if absolutely necessary. Otherwise consider writing it in parts, might be a great way of engaging your readers.
  • Original content: If you wish to be published in pilatestree magazine, we ask that you submit original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere (even on a personal blog), or you do not intend to offer it to another website.
  • We do not compensate writers for their posts, but we do offer an opportunity to promote your personal or business sites and networks, by providing us with your bio and relevant links. The bio should be no more than 3-4 lines, include a good resolution picture or logo, and your site’s links.
  • We work tirelessly to spread and promote all posts, so please help us out by networking your posts too.
  • Please read 15 tips for writing great blogs.


To submit your work, please email it to office@pilatestree.com